Oct. 29 2014
Meet our PhD student Arani Bhattacharya from India! We asked him a few questions about his life at SUNY Korea. Take a look. 

CS@SUNYK: Why did you choose to study at SUNY Korea?
Arani: Firstly, because I found that it was possible to work here on research topics that I was interested in with many excellent researchers. Secondly, the fellowship that is offered here is very attractive. And finally, the fact that SUNY Korea is a part of a world-renowned university also played its part.
CS@SUNYK: Are you involved with research? If so, what is it in layman’s terms?
Arani: Yes, I have started working on research almost immediately on joining here. As of now, my research mainly deals with making mobile systems faster and more energy-efficient by transferring some of its more difficult work to larger computers (desktops or servers) using wireless networks.
CS@SUNYK: What do you think about Songdo campus?
Arani:The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this campus is about the people here -- everyone here, including the office staff, the other students and the faculty are really helpful. Apart from this, the facilities for both staying and working here are also very good. Overall, all this has made my life here really enjoyable.
CS@SUNYK: Thanks, Arani. May your academic journey with us be filled with lots of excitement and fun!