November 25, 2014
Meet our MS student Ayush Kmar from India! We conducted a mini interview with him. Hope it gives you some idea what it is like to study at CS at SUNY Korea.

CS@SUNYK: Why did you choose to study at SUNY Korea?
Ayush: I chose SUNY Korea because I wanted to work with Prof. Mueller whom I have been knowing for past two years and also due to the fact that Stony Brook University (which runs SUNY Korea’s CS department) is one of best university in Computer Science.
CS@SUNYK: Are you involved with research? If so, what is it in layman’s terms?
Ayush: I have been involved in a research project on Software Verification and Testing with Prof. Yoon. However, my interest lies in Image Processing, Augmented Reality and working on it with Prof Mueller. Image Processing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. Whereas, Augmented Reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input. We are using Google Glass and Eye Tracker to achieve this.
CS@SUNYK: What do you think of Songdo campus?
Ayush:Songdo/Incheon campus is a nice place to pursue your studies where everything is properly organized which makes your stay awesome. People here are so helping that you don't have to worry about anything. In spite of being Vegetarian, I am enjoying my stay here.