Sep. 23 2013
Meet our student! Darius Coelho is a PhD student from Goa -India. We asked him a few questions about himself and his life on campus. Take a look. 

SUNYK: Why did you choose to study at SUNY Korea?
Darius: I'm currently a PhD student in the Computer Science Department. I chose SUNY Korea since Stony Brook University is one of the top universities for computer science. Also I wanted to work with Dr. Mueller who is the Chair of the department and now my adviser. 
SUNYK: Are you involved with research? If so, what is it in layman’s terms?
Darius: My interests are in the field of computer vision and image processing. These areas deal with trying to improve image quality, reduce noise from images, using machine learning techniques to understand what the contents of an image mean.
SUNYK: What do you think about Songdo campus?
Darius:The Songdo Campus is a really good campus. The academic facilities provided at the campus are great. Although since its just starting up all the recreational facilities are not operational yet.