November 29, 2014
We recently reconnected to our MS Graduate Jaewoo Pi from Korea and asked him a few questions about his life in the work force.

CS@SUNYK: Who did you end up working for?
Jaewoo: I work for a company called SBM Korea. They produce money counting machines that are used at the bank (and even casinos!. They adopts image processing, computer vision, and even machine learning algorithms to detect counterfeit notes from all over the world.
CS@SUNYK: Did all that hard work at SUNY Kore pay off?
Jaewoo: All in all, the knowledge I have learnt at the Computer Science Department at SUNY Korea and even my undergrad major, Electronics Engineering, has been contributing to my daily work, and the company as well. I really like my job and hope for many more great days ahead.
CS@SUNYK: Thanks, Jaewoo. We also hope that you’ll have lots of excitement and fun!