April 28, 2015
Meet our student Shenghui Cheng! We conducted a mini interview with him. Hope it gives you some idea what it is like to study at CS at SUNY Korea.

CS@SUNYK: Why did you choose to study at SUNY Korea?
Shenghui Cheng: I attended one of the talks by Prof. Klaus Mueller at Peking University in 2013. I was impressed with his work, and decided to study at SUNY Korea to do research with him. Besides, I liked the fact that SUNY Korea offers a rigorous Stony Brook degree program and that it is an extended campus of Stony Brook. Also, I wanted to experience living in two different countries: Korea and the United States. So far, I have had most amazing memories here. SUNY Korea can provide fantastic scholarship, which allows me to travel for conferences or do research internships.
CS@SUNYK: Are you involved with research? If so, what is it in layman’s terms?
Shenghui Cheng: I have been doing my research in the area of data visualization. In this era of big data age, it is very hard to sort out necessary data. By adding colors and wrapping graphics into the data, people can identify important information easily. So far, I achieved one discourse, one conference full paper, one workshop full paper and four IEEE Vis posters. In addition, I sent out one leading journal paper and am submitting one tutorial. Other publications are ongoing.
CS@SUNYK: What do you think of Songdo campus?
Shenghui Cheng: The idea of a having a global campus is great. We can learn a lot by communicating with people from different countries and background gathered here. Also, the life is very convenient. From my dorm room to my research lab takes four minutes on foot.