April 28 2015
Meet our student! Tian Yunke is a MS student from China. We had a mini interview with him. 

SUNYK: Why did you choose to study at SUNY Korea?
Tian Yunke: Stony Book University has a great reputation in China. I applied to the Stony Brook New York campus directly, and was recommended to study at SUNY Korea. At first, I was scared because I did not know what to expect. But, I chose this campus because they offered me a full scholarship which is rare in the U.S. for an MS student. Also, SUNY Korea offers a genuine Stony Brook degree program. Besides, I liked the fact that students receive more attention from the faculty due to the small size of the courses. Now that I am here, I am very satisfied with it. I have very close relationships with students, faculty and staff.
SUNYK: Are you involved with research? If so, what is it in layman's terms?
Tian Yunke: I am an MS student, and the first semester I was studying the basic theories. However, there is some future project plan about Graphics and VR (Virtual Reality) which is based on what I'm learning now, and the department here is very supportive of the students' ideas and research.
SUNYK: What do you think of Songdo Campus?
Tian Yunke: Life is very convenient here. I can pretty much find everything I need in Songdo. But, I still prefer eating Chinese food, so I usually cook Chinese cuisine in my dorm kitchen.