Chairman's Message

Welcome to our website! Computer science is a young field, but has made remarkable progress and accomplished tremendously in just half a century. It touches every facet of life. We have much more to do in computer science. Computer science is a fun and exciting subject to study if you enjoy problem solving using logical reasoning and building systems and applications. Computer science is going through an exciting time of growth and its future looks brighter than ever.

If you are motivated, come join us to share the fun and excitement with us. We are committed to providing a learning and research environment for world-class education through excellent teaching and research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to get you prepared for the next phase of your life, be it grad school or job market in research, teaching, and/or development, after graduation.

SUNY Korea is the first American university on Korean soil, bringing the largest and most comprehensive state university system of the United States, the State University of New York, to Asia. Our department is tightly integrated with Stony Brook University, one of the top universities in both research and teaching of the SUNY system and in the US.

Our programs are founded upon a host of core computer science disciplines, backed by a high-quality educational and research infrastructure. It nurtures and promotes independent and creative thinking in a hands-off, interdisciplinary, and fun atmosphere. It is a place where department members of all levels loosely interact to exchange quick and fledgling ideas in both research and learning, inspire each other and together engage in a research and educational adventure trip of a lifetime.

Go ahead and explore our website to see what the Computer Science Department at SUNY Korea is all about. Or even better, come and visit us here in Songdo, Korea to see for yourself and then join the fun. If you have any questions about our department, please feel free to email me at Thank you for visiting us and please come again to see how we grow in the coming years.

Arthur H. Lee
Professor and Chair, Korea Program