Bitcoin Evangelist Roger Ver Visits SUNY Korea


SUNY Korea, NY, February, 2014

Bitcoin is a controversial yet technically interesting currency. Known as crypto-currency, a bitcoin can be computationally mined, where the cost for mining is (at least theoretically) tied to its worth. Bitcoins can be obtained in exchange for regular money, products, and services. Consumers can send and receive bitcoins electronically using a bitcoin wallet on a PC, mobile device, or a web app. Roger Ver, a well-known Bitcoin celebrity, came to visit SUNY Korea on July 7, 2014, and told us all about it. Roger has been a bitcoin enthusiast since its early beginnings and, as an angel investor, has helped quite a few bitcoin startup companies succeed. In his exciting 90 minute talk, he explained many of bitcoin’s concepts and advantages and also told a few lessons on entrepreneurship itself. He then demonstrated to a packed audience of stunned listeners how easy it is to use bitcoins for transferring money across the world and buying products online.