CS Junior Faculty Win Prestigious New Investigator Awards.


SUNY Korea, NY, May 28, 2013

SUNY Korea scored not one, not two, but three MEST New Investigator Awards, for a hit rate of 100%. Please join in to congratulate Profs. Sael Lee, David Choi, and Ilchul Yoon for having accomplished this amazing feat. The feat is amazing because the acceptance rate for these prestigious grants is a mere 20%. And so the likelihood of winning a trifecta of 3/3 is less than 1%. This solid success loudly speaks for the superb quality of our young computer science department.

In grant entitled ”Designing a secure and efficient distributed smart grid” Prof. Bong Jun (David) Choi aims to design secure smart grid by enhancing its reliability, stability, and security in distributed settings. In specific, he will investigate fail safe topology and recovery protocols for securing smart grid infrastructure, electric vehicle system for stabilizing and enhancing energy efficiency of the smart grid, and distributed security and privacy mechanisms for microgrids and electric vehicle system.

Prof. Sael Lee’s grant “Development of computational methods for reachability-based multi-target detection and applications for adverse drug effects prediction” will develop efficient algorithms for drug-target reachability prediction and apply them in adverse drug reaction predictions. With the developed algorithms, she hopes to introduce possibility in improving the efficacy of the pre-clinical stage of drug development process.

Prof. Ilchul Yoon’s research on “Investigating cooperative software testing methods” is going to investigate methods and tools to effectively test compatibility of software components on diverse user environments at reduced cost. He will improve his previous approach to sample test environments (or configurations) from a large set of feasible user configurations, and he also plans to develop a system to support testing activities for communities of developer groups.