Korea University Students Do Exciting Research at SUNY Korea


SUNY Korea, NY, August 8, 2013

For the past six weeks SUNY Korea hosted 10 Korea University Undergrads to engage into a number of exciting research projects under the guidance of SUNY Korea computer science professors Sael Lee, David Choi, and Klaus Mueller and their PhD students. Additional guidance was provided by Korea University professor Minho Jo who also has a joint appointment with SUNY Korea. The projects spanned a set of diverse research areas. One student, Bohyung Kim, did a project on using crowdsourcing for error correction in automatic language translation. Another student, Kweonsoo Chae, presented his research project “MusiDraw” where users could control the speed of a music piece by the speed of their gestures, using a mouse interface or hand gestures translated by Microsoft Kinect. Essentially, the gamer would feel like a music conductor, controlling an orchestra with the speed and passion of his or her hand gestures. Won Ho Shin and Joo Sung Yoon wrote a dynamic programming application to predict tertiary protein structure. Dong-Hyeon Yeo outlined an interesting approach for improving one time password authentication systems by smartly using GPS information. Hyeokyoon Chang’s project was on Interference minimizing routing with users' priority in cognitive radio network. There were also very interesting projects on visual analytics, cognitive radio, and wireless body area networks. This Friday was show time – who would win one of six airplane seats to visit Stony Brook University, NY for a week. All students gave 10 minute presentations in front of their peers and three academic judges. The fast-paced contest was a firework of impressive research talks of these 10 energetic and aspiring young researchers. The judges sure had a hard time to identify the six winners. But by the time this news item is published the final six are already in the air, on their way to the USA.