Three Ph.D. students won Korea Data Science Challenge for Cyber-security


Three of our CS Ph.D. students (Sangyup Lee, Sharoz Tariq, and Homin Yoon) working with Prof. Simon Woo (won the overall second place for the Korean Data Science Challenge for Cyber-security on December 10, 2017 (Track: DDos, Vehicle Anomaly Detection) (URL: ). It was our first time to compete in this national data analysis challenge, and they topped all other schools including SNU, Korea Univ., Ajou Uni., etc, and even other security firms (Penta security, etc.) in Korea. The scores may be viewed here: .


The first place prize was claimed by the team from Korean National Defense Research Center. Our graduate students really fought hard and went the extra mile to reach the stars. Please join us in congratulating these students and faculty for their hard work and exceptional performance at the national competition.