Why should you join the Computer Science Department at SUNY Korea?



Deciding to attend SUNY Korea is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. You're not only choosing a top-tier university system, but joining an exceptional community that will help you build global network and form the foundation of your international career.

The computer science department at SUNY Korea is academically tightly integrated with the Computer Science Department in Stony Brook University which is one of the top computer science departments in the US. It offers the same world-class research and educational opportunities with many faculty members holding joint appointments. The program in SUNY Korea follows the same curricular structure as the one on the main campus at Stony Brook, is delivered in English with the same outstanding academic atmosphere, and the degrees awarded are identical. Tuition is also equivalent. Finally, the program also offers opportunities to spend a part of the undergraduate and graduate studies on the Stony Brook campus in NY.

In the article entitled What a Computer Science Degree Earns You in 2017 it says: "The National Association of Colleges and Employers' (NACE)  Winter 2017 Salary Survey shows even more positive results, with computer science undergraduates earning an average of $65,540 once they get their degree; that's up from $61,321 in 2016.  NACE also projects a Master's in Computer Science will start you out at $81,039, while a doctorate pushes you into six figures ($110,841)."

We invite you to meet some recent graduates and listen as they look back on why they chose Computer Science and what Stony Brook University continues to mean to them.