Anita Wasilewska

Anita Wasilewska
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science
Room 135
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2424

(631) 632-8458
anilta [at]


Foundations of Data Mining Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Biology and Bioinformatics, Applications for the Automated Theorem Provers, Inductive Learning Systems, Rough Sets, Generalized Fuzzy and Rough sets, Dealing with Uncertain Information, Automated Theorem Proving, Formal Languages, General models for computing machines, Automated Theorem Proving in non-classical logics, and Experimental Education.


Anita Wasilewska received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Warsaw University, Poland in 1975, and M.S. in Computer Science from Warsaw University, Poland in 1967.



Teaching Summary

CSE 303, CSE 352, CSE 371, CSE 537, CSE 541, CSE 544, CSE 547, CSE 634, CSE 641, CSE 651