Pravin Pawar

Pravin Pawar
Research Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science 
SUNY Korea (Rm B4xx) 
119 Songdo Moonhwa-Ro, Yeonsu-Gu 
Incheon, Korea 21985


Health informatics, data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, clinical data management, mobile computing, big data applications, service-oriented computing.


Pravin Pawar has 10+ years of international research and teaching experience in EU and India. He received education from premier institutions - IIT Bombay (M.Tech. CSE), University of Twente (Ph.D. CSE) and credited with 5 filed patents, 50 peer reviewed publications and two books. He has leadership and management experience in academia, research institutes and software industry. He likes to travel and experience different cultures. 


Pravin's current research is focussed on using state-of-the-art health informatics technologies to achieve the "triple aim" of imrpoved health outcomes, better patient care and lower healthcare costs. In particular, he is working on the following projects:

  1. Patient engagement: Engaging chronic diseases patients to improve their physical health using virtual self-care coaches and activity trackers.
  2. Clinical studies: Randomized controlled study of patient preferences for evaluating effectiveness of digital healthcare solutions through online surveys and hospital inpatient studies.
  3. Population health analytics: Use of reactive and predictive data mining and machine learning techniques to provide valuable insights to improve health and well-being of community.
  4. Pre-screening healthcare Systems: Research and development of novel health informatics solutions for early disease prediction, detection, and prevention.


(1). Science Direct's top 25 hottest articles in Computer Science - A Framework for the Comparison of Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems. (2). Overall best paper award in the 12th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, Aveiro, Portugal. (3). Mobilité Internationale Rhône-Alpes research grant for research internship to Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA-Lyon). (4). Travel grant for IEEE Congress of Evolutionary Computation held in Singapore.

Teaching Summary

CSE 101, CSE 216, CSE 307, CSE 308