Documents and Forms

Rules pertaining the graduate studies at the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook are contained in two main policy documents, Graduate School Bulletin and the Graduate Program Handbook. Please study both documents very carefully to avoid costly mistakes.


  • The Graduate Student Handbook is the main policy document explaining the requirements of the graduate programs offered by the Computer Science Department. Periodically rules change and so does the handbook. Students are bound by the rules of the handbook that was in effect at the time the student enters the respective program or, optionally, by the rules of the latest handbook. Older editions of the handbook are also available below. 

    Old Graduate Handbooks: , , ,


  • This is CSE 522 Basic Project in Computer Science Approval Form. Please fill out the attached form and get it signed by the instructor of the class and turn it in to the Graduate Secretary for your file. This will keep a record of what course you did. You can do this within the first couple of weeks of classes, after you are very certain that you will do that course as CSE 522.
  • Every graduate student must fill out this form, obtain appropriate signatures, and return the form to the Graduate Secretary. A Ph.D. student must select an advisor by the end of the second semester in the program. Changing an advisor requires filling out another form.
  • Students seeking to enroll in a Computer Science or Information Systems course must obtain permission of the instructor. The signed form should be dropped off in room 1440 of the Computer Science Building. Note:that there is a separate form to get permission to enroll in CSE 587.
  • Taking an undergraduate course under the CSE 587 designation requires an approval of the Graduate Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Director and also the course instructor. 
  • You could also download (RPE) form in . Prior to taking an RPE, students must download and fill out this form.In the document you must fill in your name, date of the exam, and the names of the members of your RPE committee. For those using the  of the form the instructions for filling out and printing the form appear at the top of the LaTeX document. Once the form is filled out, print it and give it to the Chair of your RPE committee.
  • This form must be filled out electronically (MS Word) by Ph.D. students 4 weeks before Thesis Defense. The form should then be sent by email to the Computer Science Graduate Program Director.
  • Retroactive Add and Drop Form
  • MS & PhD Relocation to Stony Brook Forms and Guidelines
    Students seeking to relocate to Stony Brook either temporarily or permanently must begin this process with a formal application to be submitted to the SUNY Korea Computer Science Department office. There are strict deadlines. For relocation in Fall apply by March 31st of that year. For relocation in Spring apply by September 31st of the previous year. Below are the respective forms and guidelines:

    Request for relocation to Stony Brook (MS): and
    Request for relocation to Stony Brook (PhD): and

    Only after approval of the request, students can apply for Change of Graduate Program using the form posted . Please consult with the SUNY Korea Computer Science Department office when filling this form.


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