M.S. Program in Computer Science

The M.S. program is designed primarily to train students with professional goals in business, industry, or government, requiring a detailed knowledge of computer science concepts and applications. The program concentrates primarily on applied computer science, emphasizing programming, software development, computer systems, and applications with appropriate theoretical background. Each student is given the experience of working on one or more projects involving analysis, design, evaluation, and/or implementation. The students chooses one of three M.S. options:

  1. Basic Project Option,
  2. Advanced Project Option,
  3. Thesis Option.

The M.S. Degree requires successful completion of at least 31 graduate credits in computer science (subject to certain restrictions to ensure appropriate breadth and depth) with a GPA of at least 3.0. For further details of the M.S. Program, please see the latest edition of the Graduate Handbook.

Customarily, our Master’s program is for two years, but many students finish the program in less than two years. Further, given appropriate academic standing, enrolled MS students will also have the opportunity to participate in what we call the 1+1 program – a two-year curriculum in which second-year students would pursue their studies on the Stony Brook campus in New York.


Requirements for the M.S. Degree (applicable to students registered in Fall 2010 and onwards)